Thunder Gobble

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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

The Thunder Gobble™ is a totally new design in gobbler type calls. Its ergonomically shaped mouthpiece not only fits your mouth comfortably, but it directs 100% of your wind through the tube to produce super loud gobbles. The double reed construction allows for raspy tones, which add realism to your gobbling that you can’t get out of shaker type gobble tubes.

The Thunder Gobble™ is the perfect call to use to shock a gobble out the wariest of old gobblers. Use it in conjunction with hen mating yelps and cause that jealous ol’ Tom to come running in for a fight. This call has proven deadly on late season call shy Toms.

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Thunder Gobble



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Helpful Hints

Place mouth piece up to your mouth and completely seal o all air ow around mouth piece. Blow into call with moderate air pressure, while rapidly uttering your tongue. This is basically the same process that you would use in duck hunting, when you are making a feed chatter. The quick blast of air and uttering of tongue should last about one second. At the end of the gobble slightly lower the volume of air and reduce the speed at which you utter your tongue to add realism to the natural sound of a gobbler gobbling.

When reeds become worn out or accidentally get damaged, you may purchase the Thunder Gobble Replacement Voice. You will know tell when it’s time to replace the voice when you notice the gobbling sounds becoming deeper in tone, a reduction in volume or the reeds simply not vibrating enough to even create a correct gobbling sound.

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