We aren’t in the business of making “just another game call.” We’re in the business of finding unconventional ways to solve problems for hunters. Sometimes going your own way raises some eyebrows, but who’s laughing now?! These revolutionary advancements are proof that thinking differently is always for the better.

Flex-It™ Technology

This is where it all started, and the Flextone namesake. Flex-It™ Technology uses a reed system and soft body to mimic an animal’s rigid voice box surrounded by flexible throat tissue. This gives Flextone calls the ability to vary tone, volume and inflection just like wild game.

Tru-Touch Buttons

Ever tried to make a fawn bawl but ended up with a buck growl? Nothing throws off your calling mojo like a bad grip. Tru-Touch® buttons make it easier to choose your call, even through thick gloves and pumping adrenaline. Don’t just get the right call – get the perfect call. Every time.

X-Glide™ System

The X-Glide™ takes the guessing out of your calling by automatically adjusting pressure on the reed for the best possible sounds. The easy-gliding slider smoothly and effortlessly transitions between buck, doe and fawn. No surprises here!

Antler Mass Technology

Real antlers have bone marrow. Antler Mass Technology® uses a porous, spongy interior so select rattling systems have bone marrow, too. This unique mold gives an extra dose of realism for sounds that aren’t just loud and compelling – they’re downright deadly.

Thunder Series™ Hybrid Calls

Turkey callers aren’t short on options. But diaphragm, box and pot calls aren’t something you get right away. Enter the Thunder Series™. This hybrid design masters gobbles, clucks, purrs, yelps and more with a few puffs of air. Just pick ‘em up and blow.