Whitetail Freaks - WTF Grunt'R™


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Developed in partnership with The Whitetail Freaks, Don and Kandi Kisky, Flextone’s new WTF Grunt’R employs Inflection Chamber Technology to accurately reproduce the natural inflection in sounds made by excited or moving deer. After air is blown over the reed, the sound waves enter an expanded chamber the hunter can compress, expand or bend to instantly change the way the sounds come out of the call. The chamber can even cut off airflow to emulate the exhausted sounds made by out-of-breath bucks. The advanced and incredibly realistic grunts, roars and snort wheezes made with the WTF Grunt’R are the sounds that draw hard-to-call, mature bucks out of thick cover and into bow range. Additionally, easy-to-use Tru-Touch Buttons on the WTF Grunt’R combine with Flextone’s Inflection Chamber Technology to produce perfect doe and fawn bleats every time.