Black Rack™

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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock


The BLACK RACK can outperform conventional rattling products in THREE ways:

  • Black Exterior: Most antlers are light in color and can be visibly seen up to 500 yards away during an extreme rattling sequence. The BLACK RACK was designed to keep your rattling sequenced concealed during any big buck encounter.

  • Patented Bone-Core Technology: This innovative technology gives the BLACK RACK Rattling System the most realistic sounds possible.

  • Full Rack Design: Unlike antlers of rattling bags that produce unnatural sounds, the BLACK RACK rattling system was designed as two full deer racks that allow you to create the illusion of two bucks aggressively crashing and fighting.

Black Rack™



Uncle Si from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty hilariously explains how to call in a buck with Flextone's new Black Rack.
Hey! Don't give your position away with sheds anymore. Get the Black Rack Jack!

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