"Bone Collector" Buck Crusher

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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

The newest deer call in the Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector Series – “Buck Crusher”™ is the ultimate in hands free calls. Perfect for bowhunting since it straps to your wrist to allow for multiple calling while at full draw. Loud enough for gun season as you simply blow into one of three mouthpieces for automatic buck grunts, snort wheeze or estrus bleats.

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"Bone Collector" Buck Crusher



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The Bone Collector Series – Buck Crusher™ is one of the easiest multifunctional deer calls you will ever use. No need to move o-rings, push buttons or pinch a particular place in order to make different sounds. The Bone Collector Series – Buck Crusher™ has three dierent mouthpieces that automatically give the hunter three dierent deer sounds.

Strap the Bone Collector Series – Buck Crusher™ to your wrist, making it totally hands free. If you are bow hunting, strap the Buck Crusher™ to the same wrist that your release is attached to. This allows for hands free use, even when you are at full draw. The Buck Crusher™ is loud enough for use during the gun season too. Attach the Buck Crusher™ to your trigger finger wrist, so you can hold your gun with the opposite hand and still call with your finger on the trigger.

Now that you have the Bone Collector Series – Buck Crusher™ attached to your wrist, you have the option to make buck grunts, snort wheeze or estrus bleats according to your hunting situation. Whether you want to attract bucks to estrus doe calls, bring them close to investigate buck grunts or totally bring him in running to the aggressive snort wheeze call, the Bone Collector Series – Buck Crusher™ gives you three strikes to put your next wall hanger down and out.

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